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Scary Movie 4 (2006)
14 April 2006 (USA)
Director:David Zucker
Stars:Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko

Story: Watch Scary Movie 4 Online Free Vodlocker Shaquille O’neal and Dr. Phil stir to end up tied to pipes in a satire of the first Saw motion picture. Their host, Billy the Puppet, uncovers the room is loading with nerve gas. Phil understands they need to slice through their own particular lower legs, however coincidentally saws off the wrong foot, incidentally leaving both men to bite the dust. Watch Scary Movie 4 Online Full In New York, Cindy Campbell visits her previous brother by marriage Tom Logan. Her spouse George has kicked the bucket and her nephew Cody is at military school, abandoning her forlorn. Tom, tired of listening to her, tries to submit suicide by overdosing on dozing pills. Be that as it may, he erroneously ingests Viagra, bringing about a tormenting passing when he tumbles over the balustrade and terrains on his irrationally erect penis. Cindy accepts an occupation administering to an old woman, Mrs. Norris, who exists in a spooky house. Cindy’s new neighbor, Tom Ryan, runs into George’s old companions, Mahalik and CJ, who unintentionally uncover they had a gay person one-night stand since a Brokeback Mountain-like excursion to the mountains. Tom returns home, where his ex Marilyn has touched base with his youngsters, Robbie and Rachel, both of whom despise their father.

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