Confessions of a Womanizer (2014)Watch Movies Online putlocker free, Watch solarmovie Online

Confessions of a Womanizer (2014) Watch Online Free Full Movie putlocker , solarmovie

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Upcoming
Release Year:

Director:Miguel Ali
Stars:C. Thomas Howell, Nicole Garcia, Jillian Rose Reed

Confessions of a Womanizer (2014): What happens when a compulsive womanizer becomes best friends with a transgender prostitute?An aging womanizer dealing with erectile dysfunction tries to have a meaningful relationship, but discovers that he must first learn about the concept of trust. is reminiscent of a certain kind of movie – the one about a selfish man who learns to respect women and in the process gets himself a girl. Joseph Gordon Leavitt did it in his stylish directorial debut Don Jon and Mel Gibson put it to the test not that long ago (well, long enough ago for Mel Gibson to have still been relevant and passing sexy) in What Women Want. It really is an age old tale and one that never quite seems to get it right – leastways not from a woman’s point of view. But I suppose that’s not the point. It is, after all, a man’s story and a man’s experience. It’s all about how a man comes to understand himself, and then after that maybe that man can work his way around to understanding the woman. Like most stories of this kind, Confessions of a Womanizer gets halfway there.